Character Bio's
Submitted By: Pokemaniac
Bomberman is a little guy who likes to bomb things. He comes from Planet Bomber and has starred in quite a number of games. His main weapons are, of course, Bombs, but he has a variety of different kinds. Bomberman's job is to protect planet Bomber from evil, and he trains every day at the Bomber Base. He also has access to his vehicles: The Bomber Copter, The Bomber Marine, The Bomber Jet, and The Bomber Slider. Bomberman's main enemy is a weird old guy named Bagular, but he has also fought bad guys like Sirius, Orion, Regulus, Artemis, Altair and even Mario's alter ego, Wario. Bomberman's friends are Red Bomber, Blue Bomber, and Black Bomber. They sometimes help him in tough battles. Bomberman's games are best known for their Multi-player option. Recently He has been collecting Charaboms and competing in tournaments.
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