Character Bio's
James Bond

Commander James Bond was born of a Scottish father and a Swiss mother. When he was eleven years of age, both of his parents died in a climbing accident in the Alps. After studying at Eton, Bond joined M16 and moved up through the ranks to his current position, agent 007, with of course a license to kill. Briefly married in 1962, Bond's lifetime loyalty has been to the queen and the country. He always has faith in his friends. Careless sometimes but not stupid. Nine years ago from the present time when his colleague, 006, got shot by General Ourumov. His chance of survival dropped when Bond himself set the timers from six minutes to three. This accident is one scar that Bond cant get rid of. As M says, "Avenging Alec Trevelyan wont bring him back, you'll only get yourself killed"
Goldeneye ~007 (N64)
The World Is Not Enough (N64)