Character Bio's

Bowser we believe was a dinosaur in the Mushroom Kingdom. He had a superior intelligence compared to earthly dinosaurs. Bowser always seem to want to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. He tried many a time by doing things like kidnapping the princess. He always failed though due to his arch nemesis Mario.
At one point in time Bowser became a good guy to help fight off an evil villian, Smithy, that was inhabitting his domain. In that game, we see that Bowser does have some feelings and that he is just covering them up. He also has seven children named Iggy, Larry, Lemmy, Ludwig , Morton, Roy, and Wendy. His first wife is Clawdia but we dont see much of her in any of the games. His second wife is seen in the Super Mario brothers movie. Her name is Queen Lena Koopa and we hope to see her in future in game.

Super Mario Bros. I, III, and IIII (NES and SNES)
Super Mario Wold I and II  (SNES) 
Super Mario Go-Kart (SNES) 
Mario's Time Machine (SNES) 
Super Mario RPG Legend of the 7 Stars (SNES) 
Super Mario Land I (Gameboy) 
Mario's Tennis (Virtual Boy) 
Super Mario 64  (N64) 
MarioKart 64 (N64) 
Yoshi's Story (N64) 
Super Smash Brothers (N64)
Super Smash Brothers Melee (GC)
Super Mario Kart Advanced (GBA)
Super Mario Advanced (GBA)
Marios ABC, 123's (CPU)