Character Bio's
Submitted by: Pokemaniac
Plum is one of the 18 selectable Characters in the new N64 hit, Mario Golf. She's pretty good and is a brand new addition to the Mario cast, along with Sonny, Charlie, and Harry. Along with quite a bit of Nintendo Characters, Plum's history is very unclear. For a Beginner, Plum has a good shot, but she can use a little more power. She isn't as good as some of the other characters in the game, but she is pretty good for beginners who wanna get the hang of the game. Plum seems to know Peach in some way or another. Unlike so many other characters, Plum is one of four selectable characters playable from the begining of the game. Plum is great for stages that are very smooth, with little hills or drops. She may have some trouble with levels that have lots of peaks and valleys. Plum is pretty good in Putter Golf mode, but she doesn't match up to characters such as Bowser or Donkey Kong.
Mario Golf