Diddy Kong Racing

Magic Codes

ARNOLD = Larger Characters!
BLABBERMOUTH = Changes car horn sounds.
BODYARMOR = All Balloons are YELLOW!
BOGUSBANANAS = These slow ya down instead of speed you up!
BOMBSAWAY = All balloons are RED!
BYEBYEBALLOONS = Forget the enemy weapons! He doesn't have them!
DOUBLEVISION = Be the same charater!
FREEFORALL = Get the max power-up with the balloons!
FREEFRUIT = Start with 10 bananas!
JOINTVENTURE = This allows 2 to play at once!
JUKEBOX = Test the music effects all ya what!
NOYELLOWSTUFF = Figure it out (Check for bananas in Multi)
OFFROAD = 4X4 hehehehe drive anywherewith the same speed!
ROCKETFUEL = All balloons are BLUE!
TEENYWEENIES = The opposite of ARNOLD!
TIMETOLOSE = Need a new challenge? Try this!
OXICOFFENDER = All Balloons are GREEN!
VITAMINB= All the bananas you could ever what!
ZAPTHEZIPPERS = No riding the zippers this time buddy!!!

Play as Drumstick or T.T.

After all you have gotten Amulets, find a frog that is part chicken and run him over. This will give you Drumstick. To get T.T., you must race and beat T.T. in all of the Time Trials.

Green Flame

If you let go of the gas right before you hit a zipper you'll get a green flame.