G = General
M = MultiMedia
I = Interactive
N = Non-Nintendo

Site Title Class
Nintendo G,M,I
Koopa Kingdom G,M,I,N
Bowser's Keep G,M,I
Lemmy's Land G,M,I
Koopalings Kastle G,M,I
Nintendo Center G,M,I
Nintendo Land G,M,I
Tek's Yoshi Station G,M,I
Super Mario Bros HQ G,M,I
Danny's Super Mario Site G,M,I
SMB Emulation! G
Mario Zone G
SMB Info Page G
The Warp Pipe G
Punty4's Homepage G,M,I
Port Alpha G,I,N
A Mario Site G,M
The RPG Source G,N
Video Game Music Archive M,I,N

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