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2/28/2022 - Now on Twitch
Hey. I don't update this anymore... ever... But I do stream on twitch, like almost every day. Check me out here:
Your's Truly, JJDB210

04/17/2010 - Officially Not Probably Coming Back
My how times change. This site is close to 10 years old. It hasn't been maintained in over 5. Since I last updated this site, Nintendo has released at least 2 video game systems, I've gotten married, and a ton of my favorite Mario websites have either fallen or closed.
Heck, even some of my old HTML no longer works :-).
That said, I'm officially stating that this site is now officially nothing more than an archive of content. I will continue to keep it online for as long as I am on the interwebs, but the odds of me ever rebuilding it to it's former glory are pretty low.
Thank you everyone for your support over the years. This site was once one of the best Mario game sites out there... From now on though, I recommend you check out http://themushroomkingdom.net/!
Your's Truly, JJ Doughboy

07/12/2004 - Really not an April Fool. Honest...
The JJ Doughboy has basically turned this site over to me, with the idea that I transition it to Standards and stuff. Which is a lot of work. So as I work on moving over a thousand files, this site will still be here, waiting to quench your Nintendo thirst (as long as you thirst for stuff over a year old). So be patient and check back... occasionally.

04/01/2003 - Not an april fool..
seriously, I want this site open again. I think I will start spending some of that free time working here again. I just pickedup wind waker and it's looking pretty cool. That's probably the driving motivation for continued work on this. Well, until that I thought I would invite you all to check out this pretty cool online game. Not nintendo related but hey you might like it:
JJ Doughboy

01/18/2003 - A Special Announcement
So as many of you have seen lately, the SMRC has not receieved an update for almost a year now. Of course, I would never let it go a complete year without an update... I might let it come close, but never a COMPLETE year :-). Well, so your probably thinking, so he think's he will make one small update and make us all happy again. Well no... Actually, I have much bigger plans in mind to make you all happy again.

The really good news is this. The SMRC is coming back again, bigger and better. It might still look the same when I'm done. It might feel the same. But the content will increase, it will be better suited for larger resolutions, and probably a few other very cool features. Progess has just been started at http://www.jrcorps.com/smrc/. You can watch me as you work if you feel like it.
What else can I say about it? Oh not much I guess... Just keep an eye out for it.
Personal Note:If you want to read my personal notes try: http://jrcorps.com/justin/
JJ Doughboy

03/03/2002 - Midi March Continues
Added 4 More Midis From Tiny Toon Adventures..
Personal Note:I think March Madness is about to start at the SMRC...(click on my name)
JJ Doughboy

03/02/2002 - Midi March
Another GB Midi added.
Personal Note:JJ had fun! Email ME for more info!! (click on my name)
JJ Doughboy

03/01/2002 - Midi March
I think this month I'll be adding lots of midis as more hits come. Added 1 GB midi today.
Personal Note:JJ Makes Mistakes! NO! Email ME!! (click on my name)
JJ Doughboy

02/28/2002 - Small Update
We end February with a small update to the affliates and updates sections
Personal Note: Email ME!! (click on my name)
JJ Doughboy

02/27/2002 - Winter Blah's
You know the type, anyway continueing my march through the alphabet is Buck Bumble for the N64.
Thought of the Day: Being sick sux ___.

02/26/2002 - Another Final Fantasy Review
Added Review for Final Fantasy 5 (2.5 in US haha).
Personal Note: Cant someone Email ME!! (click on my name)
JJ Doughboy

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